The Table

Join us for our Fall Launch! New Time/New Location. Sundays 10:30am at OKC Improv in the Plaza District!

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About the Table.

The Table is an organic, Spirit-led movement attempting to embody the radical, inclusive, self-sacrificial love found at the table of Jesus. The Table is established less on detached “beliefs” (head stuff) than it is practices (real life, in the world stuff), and our central practice is coming to his table together. We are not nearly as interested in what you think, than we are whether you will consider coming to the feast with us.

Is it possible that eating & drinking with people who are unlike you could save the world? Come find out. We aren’t the ones who are inviting you—Christ invites you. He makes the guest list, not us. And you are on it. Nobody is left out here (and we really do mean…nobody).

There is wholeness found in the breaking of bread. There is healing found in the drinking of wine. Come and feast, and join us in extending this invitation to the world. There’s a seat at The Table for you.


Meet the Team


Jonathan Martin, Lead Pastor

While the product of the sweat and sawdust of the tent revival, Jonathan believes in a big, wide tent, where all of you are welcome; and he preaches a love that is hotter than fire and brimstone. At 6’5”, he is known for his commanding frame and bold preaching, but also a voice made tender from his own experience of finding God on the underside. Jonathan is the author of two acclaimed books, Prototype and How to Survive a Shipwreck, with a third book coming from Zondervan in 2020, and the host of the Son of a Preacher Man podcast. He has served as a pastor, church planter, and an activist. Finding God at the intersections, he moves fluidly between secular and religious contexts, between the academy and the Church, and between local churches with pipe organs, B-3 organs, and electric guitars. Wherever he goes, the message is always the same: no matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done—God is at work, to bring beauty out of your brokenness. He has carried this message to churches, universities and seminaries, and conferences and retreats all over the world (places like Australia, Israel and Palestine, Lebanon, Kenya, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Mexico and Canada). Jonathan’s work and/or words have been featured in places like the New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR, Newsweek, Vox, Sojourners, The Huffington Post, and Relevant Magazine, as well as scholarly journals, like The Journal of Pentecostal Theology. Find out more about Jonathan at, Twitter: @theboyonthebike


Cece Jones Davis, Teaching Pastor

Cece is a worship leader, speaker and social advocate devoted to extending the knowledge of God‘s amazing love inside and beyond the four walls of the Church. Because she believes the gospel of Jesus Christ is a social gospel, Cece is dedicated to using her life and musical gifts to inform, inspire, and mobilize people in causes that require compassion, dialogue, and action.She’s a graduate of Howard University, Yale School of Divinity, The Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Worship & the Arts, and a member of the inaugural class of Princeton University’s Black Theology Leadership Institute. Cece is currently championing multiple justice efforts including advocacy for issues around criminal justice reform and the death penalty, focusing on the case for Julius Jones at Justice for Julius, as well as advocacy for hygiene products for incarcerated women and issues surrounding menstrual care. Check out more about Cece at


Nicole Nelson, Executive Pastor

Nicole is a mom of 4, business owner, and social advocate who has spent over twenty years in ministry and non-profit administration and five years as a worship pastor. With a heart for justice, she believes strongly in using her gifts and talents to lift the voices of the powerless and marginalized and believes that the Church should model the radically loving and subversive ways of Jesus. Nicole graduated from the Rhema Bible College School of Pastoral Ministry and brings her entrepreneurial spirit and administrative skills to her role as Executive Pastor of The Table.


Malika Cox, Spiritual Formation Pastor

Malika is a writer, researcher, speaker, and activist. Raised in a non religious environment, she experienced a radical conversion to faith after living through a tragic incident in New Orleans as a young adult where three people were shot and killed on a shift she was supposed to be working. Her new-found faith led her into ministry and non-profit work, and she later went on to receive her Master of Arts in Practical Theology at Regent University, and a Masters of Philosophy in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation at Trinity College Dublin, Irish School of Ecumenics. ⁣⁣She jointly won the James Haire Dissertation Award for her peacebuilding research on Palestinian and Israeli dialogue in cyberspace.⁣⁣ Malika desires for every person to know and understand that they are the beloved of God, and to experience God’s holistic, integrated design for human flourishing.⁣⁣ You can find out more about Malika at


Come and feast, and join us in extending this invitation to the world. There’s a seat at The Table for you.

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